I’ve been with Hoesgens since 2008 and the only problem I have with them is that I still can’t tell them apart. Eric and Dennis Hoesgen always seem to find opportunities in my portfolio. I also went through their full wealth assessment and found Paul Marion very useful. Owning multiple properties in North America isn’t as easy as I thought. Paul was able to reduce my taxes significantly and set goals for me to reach. I never thought having a full financial plan with the proper portfolio would help so much. I was able to have my full financial plan and an excellent portfolio constructed all in one place. These guys really opened my eyes when it came to my future.

White Rock, BC

I have been with Eric & Dennis Hoesgen for several years now and I haven’t had any problems. They regularly inform me of what I need to know and answer all my questions truthfully. I even received a call from Sean at six in the morning because it was urgent, and I truly appreciated that. These guys are great and I recommend them to anyone.

Vancouver, BC